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2010 ISU Fashion Show

Last month we photographed all the entries for the 2010 Iowa State Fashion Show. The shoot took place over 2 evenings (there were a LOT of entries) on ISU campus. I wish I had some before/after photos of our venue – it was a run-of-the-mill classroom packed with desks and we were able to turn it into a swanky photo studio (photo geeks: 1 white paper roll and 4 alien bee strobes – there’s a setup photo in the video later in the post).
All entries had to be photographed identically on white, so we enjoyed the challenge of using posing to make the photos as different as possible. This photoshoot was all about the clothes, but it didn’t hurt that we had an awesome lineup of student models to wear them for us. We were blown away by the creativity of the outfits and thoroughly enjoyed getting up close and personal with them. Design students had pulled all-nighters to finish their outfits literally minutes before we photographed them (their deadline was the day of the shoot) and we partook in our fair share of caffeine and carbohydrates staying up until the early AM to get everything photographed. Here’s a sneak peek at some more of our favorite images:

We want to extend our sincere gratitude to the 2010 Fashion Show committee for choosing us as their photographers for the show! The Fashion Show published an Art Book featuring our images that is available for purchase, and I’ll post a link as soon as I receive one. We’re getting a copy for the studio so you can peek at it next time you stop in.
Lastly, here’s a sneek peek behind the scenes on the set, with a sweet soundtrack courtesy The Envy Corps:

2010 ISU Fashion Show BTS from Dan McClanahan on Vimeo.

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